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Saturday, May 16, 2015

How to increse RAM IN ANDROID 100% Working

How to increse RAM  IN ANDROID 100% Working

Root Only

Download This Files

How to increse ram:

  • Open BusyBox Open and tap on the Install. Grant/Allow Root Permission.

  • Now open Ram Expender & Select English

  • Select tik for the Notify Icon, Autorun, Hyper as like as screenshot. Set your required swap memory. I used 512MB. Choose your Memory Card from SDCARD Directory.

  • Choose which memory you want to use.

  • Now select and tick on Swap activ.

  • Wait untill complete the loading.

  • Now close it.

  • Your SwapMemory has been activated !

  • You can see like this on your notification bar.

  • Dont delete this file from your memory. This will work as Extra ram on your phone.

All Done !

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